What to Expect from a Consultation

During a consultation with our Accredited Practising Dietitian you can expect an exceptional high quality personalised service and advice tailored to your individual needs and personal goals.

Prior to your Consultation

If you would like to chat to our Dietitian prior to your appointment to see how you can work together to achieve your individual nutrition goals, we offer a FREE 5 minute introductory check in session with our Dietitian. If you would like to organise your FREE over the phone introductory check in session please email us.

Initial Consultation

During an initial consultation we will discuss your personal goals and what you are hoping to achieve. Our Dietitian will take a detailed medical, social, diet and lifestyle history. Based on your discussions during your consultation our Dietitian will work with you to develop a management plan based on your personal goals and circumstances. This may include;

  • Meal ideas or a meal plan
  • Advice and suggestions on how to improve your diet
  • Information on reading nutrition labels
  • Information about how nutrition can affect your medical condition

Review Consultation

These allow our Dietitian and yourself to review whether your plan is working well and if you feel you are meeting your nutritional goals or if you have noticed any improvement in your eating habits, energy, mood, lifestyle or medical condition.

Our Dietitian will continue to work with you and provide you with support and advice on nutrition until you feel you are confident and able to make the best dietary choices on your own.

Between your Consultations

We pride ourselves on offering and providing our patients with exceptional high quality individually tailored care. Therefore, we offer FREE check in phone calls and email support between your consultations.